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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Subscribing to RTD's Email Discounts, Newsletter or Home Security Report



Q - Do I have to subscribe to all three emails to get your best discounts?

A - You can choose one or all RTD emails and still get our best discounts, but we suggest you give all a try to see what you're missing. You'll be glad you did but if you ever want to stop one or all RTD emails, simply click at the bottom of each email to unsubscribe instantly.

Q - I didn't receive a Welcome Email with the RTD Coupon Code

A - Please check your spam folder / trash folder again - email is delivered 99.99% of the time but the Welcome email may have been deleted accidentally or moved to your spam folder**.

Q - I subscribed to your Home Security Report or your Discounts & New Products email - not your RTD Newsletter - why am I getting email from

A - RTD's Home Security Report, Discounts, New Products & RTD's Newsletter are ALL sent from the email address. This makes it easier for our customers to add only one email address to their white-list / address book to ensure you receive the email you subscribe to.

You will only receive the email that you've requested - but all subscriptions are sent from

Q - My friends / family want to sign up to get your email too - how do they sign up?

A - It's easy - tell them to go to and click on the 'Discounts & Specials' link below the RTD logo or send them this direct link.

Q - Do you really keep my information private? Can I really unsubscribe without you selling my email address?

A - YES and YES! We respect your privacy and preferences to receive email from us very seriously.

Q - Can I subscribe to only 1 RTD email campaign and still receive the Coupon Code for the bonus 10% extra discount?

A - YES - but consider signing up for all 3 RTD email campaigns so you can see the great content you're sure to appreciate. You'll save money AND you'll be better equipped to defend yourself and your family! You can always unsubscribe if you change your mind - no problem. Unsubscribing is easy.

Q - Can I unsubscribe to one email campaign without unsubscribing to another?

A - YES - simply check the box next to any email campaign you don't want any longer. You'll still receive the email for the subjects you want.

Q - I unsubscribed to all your email campaigns - will I still get order confirmation email when I place an order?

A - Yes - you'll get email from our automated order processing system if you place an order online or by phone. Email you receive may include order confirmations, information about the products you've ordered if they affect filling your order and information on the shipment of your order that may include tracking numbers and / or links to the carrier providing the shipping service so you can track your order.

Q - How do I unsubscribe?

A - RTD includes a link to easily and instantly unsubscribe to each email campaign at the bottom of each message. We respect your privacy and your preferences for communication.

** NOTE ON ALL EMAIL ISSUES - please first check with your email / hosting provider to learn how to add to your approved sender / white-list to ensure your requested email arrives.


Q - My RTD Coupon Code is not working

A - Our system should provide an error message if it declines an RTD Coupon Code. Certain Coupon Codes require a minimum purchase amount but will give an error message saying 'ALERT - You Must Spend at Least $ XX.xx to Redeem This Coupon' or the Coupon Code may be expired and will indicate that in the message.

A - We publish all our codes in upper-case letters and numbers to make them easier to read however they are NOT case-sensitive meaning that you can enter the Coupon Code in upper or lower-case letters.

A - Double-check the RTD Coupon Code characters to ensure they're correct. Sometimes the letter O can be confused with the number 0 (zero), etc.

A - If you still have problems with your Coupon Code or have questions, please send the RTD Coupon Code to and we'll reply with code information confirm the dates.

Q - I subscribed to all three RTD email campaigns and received 3 different RTD Coupon Codes

Q - When do my RTD Coupon Codes expire?

A - Please check the email that contained your coupon code for the expiration date.

Q - Is there a minimum dollar amount I have to spend to use the New Subscriber Extra 15% Discount Coupon Code?

A - No. New Subscriber Extra 15% Discount Coupon Code is valid for ANY RTD purchase regardless of price.

Q - How many times can I use the New Subscriber 15% Discount Coupon Code?

A - Each New Subscriber Coupon Code can be used only ONE TIME per email address. If you subscribed to more than one RTD email campaign, you will receive THREE Coupon Codes and may use all three at different times

Q - Can I send my New Subscriber 15% Discount Coupon Code to my friends and family?

A - Yes you can, but we hope you'll value our emails enough to send your friends and family a link to so they can sign up for our email and get their own New Subscriber Coupon Code! Your friends and family will thank you for introducing RTD, getting an extra 15% discount and also receive RTD emails to help protect their family too!

Q - I have purchased your custom Front Sight labeled RTD products in the past. Can I use my New Subscriber Coupon Code on Front Sight labeled products?

A - No. Sorry but RTD Coupon Codes cannot be used on any custom RTD product including products customized with the Front Sight logo. Sorry for any inconvenience.


If you have questions that aren't covered here, please write to us at and we'll respond as quickly as possible!


Great signs!

We LOVE them! The quality was a lot better than we thought. A product like this is long overdue.

your site is much better.

I think these are the best yard signs ever and they go great with our home alarm sign. They look great and my wife even likes having them out front.

Tell the crooks you mean business!

Decent quality sign. Has aluminum pole and sign is made of plastic, not aluminum, If you want to make the holes real and not just drawn on, just take a drill bit the same diameter...

Great Product!

Saw this in a gun store for a lot more money, came home, found it on Amazon, and I bought two (one for the front and one for the back of my house). Well made and very visible at...

A Sign that's direct, to the point & a clear warning

I really like this sign. A clear warning that leave no misunderstanding! This item is displayed on my garage. I wish it was available in a larger size. I removed it from the post,...

nice sign

I bought a couple of your metal signs and decals for office and they look really good. You need to ship them faster.

Would make anyone think twice

I placed the sign where it could only be seen if you came on my property. It definitely sends a clear message. One thing I didn't realize is that it comes attached to a metal...

Ready to Defend

This product is not as large as i expected. It will be alright,good quality, shows up good. Nothing inside is worth dying for. (we now offer several larger signs - please call...

Cool sign

very nice sign, well made, good for gifts, also every one that see its loves it, the price is right also.....

For our daughters new house!

I didn't see this here when we got the signs for our house. i'm glad we can leave comments now. our daughter just bought her first house. guess what we're getting her for a house...

Wish I'd thought of these!

Hey there, I got the signs and stickers yesterday and they look great and they're really good quality. I sent the link to your site to my email list so you'll get more orders for...

Love this Sign...

THANKS SO MUCH, This sign is great & to the point....nno one would be crazy enough to even try breaking in my house !!! RTD is awesome & the sign was as described & very fast...

Quality Signs

Great product to aid protecting my home and boat house along with my M&P .40

your signs

I bought a sign for me and 3 for Christmas presents and they got here in 2 days. Pretty fast delivery for 4.95 shipping. They look really good. I'll buy from you guys again.

posted in club newsletter

LOVE these signs! I posted a photo and order info. in our gun club newsletter. I hope it brought more customers your way.

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